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What’s included?

We support every single Educatius Academy student throughout their educational journey. Here’s how we do it.

English Prep Camp
English Prep Camp is a fun, engaging online program where you can level up your English alongside ambitious students who share your aspiration to study internationally.
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Academic counseling
Get personal advice and guidance from an experienced academic counselor to find the right program, create a class schedule, and stay on top of deadlines during your studies.
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Academic tutoring
One-on-one tutoring is available 24/7. This on-demand support can help you fill gaps in your subject knowledge, review homework assignments, and prepare for exams.
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College counseling
Through our College Advisement Program (CAP), we’ll work closely with you to help find colleges and universities that match your academic level and interests. We’ll support and guide you through the application process. Our network of 300+ schools offers opportunities for scholarships, application fee waivers, and guaranteed acceptance with at least 1 partner school.
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Quick facts:
  • Free as part of your program

  • Guidance every step of the way

  • On-demand support

English Prep Camp Process


Book a meeting
Talk to an advisor about what you want.


Right level
Take an online English test to determine your level. Your Educatius Academy team will get back to you with confirmation on which group you will join.

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Enjoy your course
Improve your English fast and get to know fellow students from all over the world!


Start your diploma studies
Once you have completed your English Prep Camp, you will be all ready to start your exciting diploma studies.