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Opened in 2019, St. John's Academy - Shawnigan Lake is St. John's second campus and offers boarding school to a small group of selected students from around the world. St. John's Academy - Shawnigan Lake is located on the Southern end of Vancouver Island right on Shawnigan Lake. St. John's Academy - Shawnigan Lake has International Baccalaureate trained teachers and strong Academic Programs as well as an Outdoor Education Program on the school's 25-acre campus. The school places an emphasis on 21st century learning so students can get the most out of their academic experience through service learning, individual projects, learning in nature, and more.

On St. John's Academy - Shawnigan Lake's 25-acre campus there are brand new facilities and classroom's to support students success. This lakefront campus has music rooms, art studios, game rooms, science labs, auditoriums, and beautiful views looking over Shawnigan Lake. Located between Shawnigan Lake and Mount Baldy, and in close proximity to parks, trails and the outdoors, this ideal location provides an abundance of opportunities for unique outdoor educational experiences

St. John's Academy - Shawnigan Lake offers sports on a seasonal schedule with different sports in the Fall, Winter, and Spring seasons. Some of the sports offered include basketball, Volleyball, and Badminton. There are also clubs for students to join if they wish such as Golf Club or Swimming Club.
The arts program at St. John's Academy - Shawnigan Lake includes Drama, Visual Arts, Studio, and a Local Music Band.

The community around St. John's Academy - Shawnigan Lake is safe and secure with beautiful scenery all over Vancouver Island. With the 25-acre waterfront campus on Shawnigan Lake and the Pacific Ocean just a short drive away, there are many opportunities for students on the waterfront. Vancouver is also just a 90-minute ferry ride away from the island, so students can easily access this great city if they desire.

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