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Our portfolio includes more than 350 prestigious high schools, each carefully selected based on our experience with what international students value. We’ve been partnering with high schools in the USA and worldwide for 20 years. By collaborating with our schools throughout each student's lifecycle, we ensure that students are prepared and happy with their choices. While the schools focus on academic excellence, Educatius takes care of the rest.

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  • Accomodation
  • Meals
  • Local Support
  • Resilience Training
  • Certificate of Participation
  • Orientation and student handbook


Loreto College Foxrock is a leading, all-girls, private secondary school set on elevated grounds in Foxrock, South County Dublin. Since 1941, Loreto College Foxrock has fostered an environment of educational and personal growth for each student. Their academic, creative, musical, and sporting facilities provide enriching opportunities for each student to grow, learn and develop so that she can fulfils her unique potential.

Loreto College Foxrock is a centre of excellence, one of Ireland’s leading secondary schools. It is a highly successful school where students achieve academically and are given the opportunity to reach their full potential. In Loreto College students enjoy a holistic education; spiritual, emotional, physical and academic. This is reflected in the curriculum offered in classes and the wealth of co-curricular activities available. Loreto College Foxrock enjoys excellent facilities and generous grounds where students can learn new skills and pursue personal hobbies by engaging in sports and extracurricular.

Choosing to study at Loreto College Foxrock will help international students thrive and prepare for their higher education and professional life.

School Profile: Loreto College Foxrock

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School Information

14 - 17


English, Mathematics, History, Religious Studies, Science, Geography, Physical Education, Business, Home Economics, Classical Studies, Accounting, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Physics, Computer Applications

French, Spanish

Drama Club, Art Club, Science Club, Debate, Drama Club, Cooking Club, Environmental

Hockey, Basketball, Badminton, Athletics, Cross Country Running, Football - Gaelic, Tennis