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Our portfolio includes more than 350 prestigious high schools, each carefully selected based on our experience with what international students value. We’ve been partnering with high schools in the USA and worldwide for 20 years. By collaborating with our schools throughout each student's lifecycle, we ensure that students are prepared and happy with their choices. While the schools focus on academic excellence, Educatius takes care of the rest.

Academic Year: EURO 18,550

Semester: EURO 13,750

This is included
Price from EURO 13,750
  • Program
  • Accomodation
  • Meals
  • Local Support
  • Resilience Training
  • Certificate of Participation
  • Orientation and student handbook
Reservation fee: $ 50


School available for both Non-EU and EU Citizens.

Monaghan Collegiate School has a proud history of service; rooted in the local community and responsive to its needs. They are privileged to enjoy the dedicated support of parents and guardians. There is also have a strong sense of a learning community within the school with excellent pupil teacher relationships.

Monaghan Collegiate is pleasantly situated on the outskirts of Monaghan town in a beautiful rural setting. Their motto is ‘Working together so that we may flourish as individuals’. This involves the whole school community and fosters an environment within which all feel valued and encouraged to participate in a positive lifelong learning experience. Sport plays an important part in life at Monaghan Collegiate School and pupils are encouraged to engage in some form of sporting or athletic activity. Participation in sport helps build friendships, teamwork and a sense of camaraderie.

An important aspect of school sport is recognising the importance of a healthy lifestyle and the value of participating enthusiastically in physical and sporting activities. There are a wide variety of sports on offer within Monaghan Collegiate including soccer, basketball, rugby, table tennis, athletics and badminton.

School Profile: Monaghan Collegiate School

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School Information

14 - 18

Art, Graphic Arts

English, Mathematics, Science, Religious Studies, History, Geography, Business, Home Economics, Engineering, Construction, Communication, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Agriscience, Childcare, Physical Education, Enterprise Studies, Outdoor Education

French, German

Chess Club

Rugby, Basketball, Athletics, Table Tennis, Football, Swimming, Golf, Badminton, Cross Country Running, Gym

Multiple Year, Fall Year, Fall Semester