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Located in the city of Florence, Educandato Statale SS. Annunziata Villa del Poggio Imperiale is a state school with a long and prestigious history. Founded in 1823 by Italian aristocrats, the school hosts boarding students and teaches French, Spanish, Latin, and English as foreign languages.

The school has a big library, laboratories for sciences, athletic complex, and study rooms for students to utilize. In 2013, the facility was classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The villa and compound was built by the Medici Family, in the 15th century and also doubles as a museum.

Sports and Arts
Students interested in participating in sports can enjoy soccer, tennis, volleyball and fencing.
Those interested in the fine arts can participate in many extracurricular activities such as theater and music.

Awards and Accomplishments
Boarding students live in the Villa Poggio Imperiale. There is a television room, computer room, and a small library. From tasting world-famous food to visiting historical pieces of art, such as Michelangelo “David,” there is no shortage of activities students can enjoy outside of school.

Community Information
As if the food and culture of Italy wasn't enough, Florence is one of the mega art capitals of the world. With over 70 museums and many other historic sites, students will have plenty to do, learn and explore!

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15 - 18

Religious Studies, Literature, History, Philosophy, Mathematics, Physics, Nature Study, Physical Education, Information Technology, Geography

French, Spanish, German, Latin, Ancient Greek, English for International Students - Advanced

Soccer, Fencing, Volleyball, Tennis

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