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Our portfolio includes more than 350 prestigious high schools, each carefully selected based on our experience with what international students value. We’ve been partnering with high schools in the USA and worldwide for 20 years. By collaborating with our schools throughout each student's lifecycle, we ensure that students are prepared and happy with their choices. While the schools focus on academic excellence, Educatius takes care of the rest.

Academic Year: GBP 18,900

Semester: GBP 12,150

Term: GBP 10,650

This is included
Price from GBP 10,650
  • Program
  • Accomodation
  • Meals
  • Local Support
  • Resilience Training
  • Certificate of Participation
  • Orientation and student handbook
Reservation fee: $ 50


The Bournemouth & Poole College offers an attractive range of vocational options and a University Foundation Programme to prepare students for further study at university or to enter the workplace. The Bournemouth campus is located close to the centre of this seaside city and is within walking distance of the beautiful beaches.

One of the unique things about Bournemouth & Poole College is that is does not offer A-Levels but focuses on the career-focused courses. Over 100,000 students apply to university each year with these career-focused qualifications and many universities also specific the criteria for entrance for these courses in their entrance requirements. The focus on career-focused course allows Bournemouth & Poole College to equip itself with some industry-level facilities.

Popular courses for international students at this campus focus on Business, IT, Travel & Tourism and the Applied Pyschology, Criminology and Law course.
International students from Bournemouth and Poole College have an extremely successful track record of progressing to further studies and universities in the UK, and to gaining employment when returning to their own country.

Bournemouth & Poole College is the proud recipient of the Beacon Award for International Students in recognition of the excellent support they provide.

The college has excellent facilities including computer suites, libraries, study centres, learning resource centres, laboratories and workshops. In addition the Bournemouth campus has its own CrossFit centre as well as a professional restaurant offering a 5star dining experience that is operated by Bournemouth catering students. International students at this campus have access to the onsite EFL centre where they can go to for additional English support.

The Bournemouth Campus has an onsite CrossFit centre and sport facilities which students may use. In addition the location of the school close to the city centre offers students a range of activities that they can participate in outside of school hours including dance groups, language clubs and much more.

Bournemouth is a highly popular and dynamic town located on the beautiful south coast of England. With over 11km of sandy beaches, lots of beautiful parks and gardens and a cosmopolitan atmosphere, Bournemouth is the perfect place to experience laid-back seaside life in the UK.

Visit School Site: The Bournemouth & Poole College
Visit City Site: Bournemouth, Dorset

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