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Our portfolio includes more than 350 prestigious high schools, each carefully selected based on our experience with what international students value. We’ve been partnering with high schools in the USA and worldwide for 20 years. By collaborating with our schools throughout each student's lifecycle, we ensure that students are prepared and happy with their choices. While the schools focus on academic excellence, Educatius takes care of the rest.

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Wyoming High School: Where Dreams Take Flight in the Heart of Michigan

Nestled in the vibrant city of Wyoming, Michigan, Wyoming High School soars as a beacon of academic excellence and opportunity. Its dedicated faculty fosters a nurturing environment where students in grades 9-12 blossom into well-rounded individuals prepared for success in college and beyond. Wyoming High School offers a rigorous curriculum that caters to diverse learning styles and aspirations. Core subjects like English, math, science, and social studies are complemented by a plethora of electives, including world languages, fine arts, career and technical education, and Advanced Placement (AP) courses. The school's commitment to personalized learning ensures that every student receives the guidance and support they need to reach their full potential.

• Academic Excellence: Wyoming High School consistently ranks among the top public schools in Michigan, boasting a graduation rate of over 90%.
• Dedicated Faculty: Experienced and passionate teachers create a dynamic learning environment that challenges and inspires students.
• Diverse Course Offerings: From traditional academics to cutting-edge electives, Wyoming High School caters to a wide range of interests and talents.
• College Readiness: The school's rigorous curriculum and supportive college counseling program prepare students for success in higher education.
• Vibrant School Community: A strong sense of community fosters collaboration, inclusivity, and a positive learning experience for all students.

Wyoming High School boasts state-of-the-art facilities that provide students with the resources they need to excel. Modern classrooms equipped with technology enhance learning, while spacious athletic fields and a performing arts center offer opportunities for extracurricular exploration. The school also features a library, media center, and cafeteria that contribute to a vibrant campus life.

Sports & Arts:
Wyoming High School is a powerhouse for athletics and the arts. The school's athletic teams compete in various sports, consistently bringing home championships and fostering a spirit of sportsmanship and teamwork. The arts program thrives with choirs, bands, orchestras, and theater productions that showcase the creativity and talent of Wyoming students.

Special Programs:
Wyoming High School goes beyond traditional academics, offering unique programs that cater to diverse student needs and interests. The Wyoming Middle College Program allows high school students to earn college credit concurrently, while the Career and Technical Education (CTE) program equips students with valuable skills for in-demand professions.

Awards & Accolades:
Wyoming High School's dedication to excellence has been recognized through numerous awards and accolades. The school has been named a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence, a distinction reserved for high-performing schools that make exceptional progress in closing achievement gaps. Additionally, Wyoming High School teachers have been recognized for their outstanding contributions to education, further solidifying the school's reputation for academic excellence.

Community & City Information:
Wyoming High School is in the heart of Wyoming, Michigan, a family-friendly community with a strong sense of civic pride. The city offers a vibrant downtown area, parks, and recreational facilities, providing students with a wealth of opportunities for exploration and engagement beyond the classroom. Choosing Wyoming High School means choosing a future filled with possibilities. With its commitment to academic excellence, diverse opportunities, and supportive community, Wyoming High School is the perfect launchpad for students to soar towards their dreams.

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