AiDucatius Foundation supports children's education in Tanzania, Gambia, Ecuador and Brazil

Our Commitment to Education

Educatius Group believes that education is the best foundation for building a better life for oneself and for the surrounding community. We care about children. We believe that every child has the right to an education, whether they live in Europe, North America, Africa or South America. To invest in a brighter future and contribute to positive change, Educatius, through our sister charitable organization AiDucatius Foundation, sponsors thousands of students in their local schools in Africa and Latin America.

Aid + Educatius = Aiducatius Foundation!

Since 2009, Educatius Group has been supporting AiDucatius Foundation’s efforts to support local education for impoverished children. In addition to enabling almost 6,000 students to attend school locally, we’ve helped build a library in Gambia, provided fresh water to schools in Tanzania and sponsored schoolbooks in Brazil.

By participating in an Educatius program, students and schools, together with Educatius Group; are able to help provide an education to students in need.  

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