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Groundbreaking Art Internship in The Gambia

Art transcends borders, and Educatius is proud to unveil the selection of four international participants for the original Aiducatius Creativity Internship, slated for June 2024 in The Gambia.

Over 100 Applicants from 15 Different Nations

This June, the selected interns will join forces with educators at St. Martin’s Basic Cycle School in Kartong to facilitate innovative artistic projects for students, while immersing themselves in the rich tapestry of local creative traditions. The finalists, chosen from a competitive pool of over 100 applicants from 15 countries, were evaluated on their artistic talents and the ingenuity of their proposed artistic activities for the school by a panel of international judges, with the final nod given by the teaching staff and headmaster, Nicholas Jatta, of St. Martin’s School.

Aiducatius girls in Class St Martins

Discover the Winning Talents

The cohort comprises two alumni of Educatius’ high school exchange program, Norun Igeltjørn-Brænd of Norway and Serena Pelizzari of Italy; Adam Gooder, an accomplished art educator from Arlington High School, Massachusetts; and Tara Creed, a dedicated Educatius Local Coordinator from Layton, Utah. Their selection underscores Educatius’ commitment to facilitating access to education and cultural exchange on a global scale.

“Art is a Universal Language”

Carla Kearns, Vice President of Communications at Educatius, shared her enthusiasm: “Art is a universal language. This internship not only celebrates the artistic exchange between the Gambian students and our international interns but also showcases our mission to create a positive global impact through education.”

Aiducatius supports education in the Gambia

Aiducatius Creativity Internship

This internship is a highlight of the enduring partnership between Educatius and St. Martin’s School, a collaboration that dates back to 2009. Through its sister organization, Aiducatius, every Educatius student, host family, agent and partner has supported the school, contributing to the educational support of its students.

Supporting Sustainable Development Goals

This initiative aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of Quality Education of promoting access to education to build a brighter future for students around the world. Beyond sharing artistic and creative skills, the internship is a vibrant cultural exchange, promising lasting connections and mutual enrichment for both students and participants.

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