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5 September, 2023
Educatius Class of 2023 Yearbook

A Year to Remember with High School Adventures A cherished tradition at the end of high school in English speaking...

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High school online girl with dog
16 June, 2023
High School Diploma Programs Online

What are the benefits of high school online studies? Explore why an online diploma program is a flexible alternative to...

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6 June, 2023
Navigating Reverse Culture Shock After Your Exchange Program

A student exchange program is an incredible adventure that transforms your worldview and broadens your horizons. You've spent months or...

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2 April, 2021
What is High School like in England?

Here I am with a new post, in which I will tell you about English school.

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21 February, 2020
London Soft Landing Camp

Get ready to study high school abroad in the UK with the Educatius Soft Landing Camp. Our Italian student speaks...

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18 February, 2020
Living and studying in England – How does it compare to Brazil?

Study high school in the UK as an International exchange student or attend private day or boarding school. Choose from...

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