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Educatius Sets the Standard for Host Family Placements 

At Educatius, our commitment to delivering exceptional experiences for international students, host families, and our agent partners goes beyond just words – it is deeply embedded in our operational ethos. We take immense pride in sharing a significant achievement that makes us unique in the industry and underscores our dedication to making international student’s dreams come true. 

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Unrivaled Service Promise

Our success story begins with a Service Promise for each of our USA F-1, UK, Ireland, and Europe high school programs – a carefully crafted guideline that outlines the key steps in each student’s application and program experience based on our many years of experience. We have made it our mission to provide transparency on the support and service our partners and students will receive before and during their program.

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Ensuring Students will have their Exchange Experience

Understanding that a not getting a host family placement can be devastating, a key commitment in each Service Promise is ensuring these placements are secured well in advance. For regular applicants to our Select programs, we have set an ambitious goal of placing students with a host family 4 weeks before school starts, while for regular applicants to Academic Exchange, Classic programs or European programs, our target is to have placements finalized 2 weeks before the program begins.

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Exceeding Expectations: 2023 Placement Year Results

It is our commitment to never let students down who are dreaming of an international high school program. But a promise is only as good as its results. Thus, we are thrilled to share the excellent outcomes of our student placement deadline commitment during the Fall 2023 placement season:

  • USA F-1 High School Program:
  • Select and Academic Exchange students: 95% placed by our commitment deadlines.
  • 100% of all students: Placed before school start date.
  • UK High School Program:
  • Select students: 95% placed by commitment deadlines.
  • Classic students: 100% placed by commitment deadlines.
  • All students: Placed before school start date.
  • Ireland High School Program:
  • Select students: 100% placed by commitment deadlines.
  • Classic students: 95% placed by commitment deadlines.
  • All students: Placed before school start date.
  • France, Germany, Spain, Italy High School Programs:
  • 100% students: Placed by or before our commitment deadline, results that are our best ever!
  • Sweden High School Program:
    96% of students: Placed by the deadline, with the remaining confirmed students placed before or as close to possible when the program begins.
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Our Team’s Dedication to Student Placement Success

These outstanding results are a testament to the efforts of our student placement teams in each country, who work tirelessly to ensure international students receive their placements well ahead of their program start dates. We gratefully acknowledge the commitment and dedication of our colleagues worldwide who make it possible for students to embark on the exchange journey they have always dreamed of. 

On an Educatius program, international students and host families alike have the opportunity to unlock new horizons for a life transforming experience. It is Educatius’ commitment to ensure that every single one of our students can be confident that they will be able to have their exchange experience. 

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