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Boarding Exchange

Seeking a high school exchange that combines academic excellence with resort-like luxury? Explore our Boarding School program today! As a Boarding School exchange student, you’ll live right on campus just steps away from your classrooms, the school gym and other facilities. Enjoy daily nourishing meals, world-class education, and a wealth of extracurricular opportunities. Discover a truly exceptional educational adventure, available only through a Boarding School exchange.

A World of Resources: Campus for International Students
Boarding schools are renowned for enriched academic programs that prepare students for acceptance into some of the world’s best colleges and universities. they go beyond the ordinary, providing unique facilities and courses you won’t find in other high schools. We’ve placed students in boarding schools that offer a global entrepreneurship program, pre-professional ballet, equestrian programs with stables or even flying lessons!

Learn for life in the USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, Spain, Reunion and Italy.

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Quick facts:
    Handpick boarding school or let us guide you. All-inclusive on campus.
  • Geographic coverage: USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, Spain, Reunion and Italy

  • Age: 13-19

  • Accommodation: On Campus Dormitory Accommodation, with adult supervision

  • Duration: Academic Year, Semester, Multiple Years or Short Term

  • Unrivalled support: Experienced staff support students from dream to graduation

  • Area Choice: Yes! You can select your specific boarding school

  • Diploma option: Consider the Double Diploma add-on.

  • An ideal pathway to university

  • For you? Students seeking specific program features, a strong academic path and life on campus
How it works

Find Your High School Match

What are your criteria for a successful exchange year? Our high school locator makes it easy to filter and find the perfect school for you.

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Boarding School Graduates Advantages

  • More access to teachers and coaches
  • More individualized attention
  • More prepared for university
  • More successful in university
  • More independent
  • More leadership opportunities
  • More likely to attend graduate school
  • More likely to advance to top management by mid-career

The Process


Talk to an advisor about what you want


We work together on your application


We submit your dream application


We arrange payment & accommodation

School Partners in the spotlight

Welcome to San Domenico School

Founded in 1850, San Domenico School, California’s first independent institution, offers unique electives, 15 sports, 15 AP courses, and iPad-equipped students on its 515-acre solar-powered campus. Award-winning in sustainability, arts, and sports, it provides a rich boarding experience.

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Welcome to Northfield Mount Hermon School

Offers strong academics and a beautiful New England campus. With 30+ AP courses and a rich array of extracurriculars, students receive a top-tier education. The campus boasts a 34-acre farm, an observatory, and a top-notch athletic complex and nurtures artistic talent in a 65,000 square-foot Rhodes Art Center.

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