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Hybrid Dual Diploma

This program lets the students combine the credits they earn abroad with credits earned online and at home toward two high school diplomas.

Study in the USA + Online classes + Classes at home
Students need a total of six U.S. credits/courses to graduate. You earn a dual diploma when you complete high school in your home country and earn six credits with a U.S. high school. Each course you take in the USA or online equals 1 credit. During your time in the USA, you can earn up to 2 credits from the classes you take at your American high school. You just need to take four or 5 online courses on top of your regular studies to graduate with a diploma from a prominent boarding school in the U.S. and your local high school.

Study when you want to
You can earn the four online credits before you go on exchange, after you return, or both. There’s even an option to study live synchronous courses in the summertime! The year-round classes are asynchronous, which means you can start classes and study when you want to and pace them to fit your needs. Of course, you’ll still interact with teachers and classmates, so look forward to live sessions twice a month in core classes.

Take classes that interest you
You’ll take various classes during the Hybrid Dual Diploma program, including two required subjects: US History and English. For your online classes, you’ll have a choice of fascinating topics that may not be available at your local high school. Deepening your knowledge in subjects that interest you will be fun and possibly inform what you study after high school.

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Quick facts:
  • Combine courses taken in the USA, online, and at home

  • Study before you go on exchange, after, or both

  • Take online classes during the academic year or summer

  • Start anytime and study at your own pace

Let’s get a head start!

Our Hybrid Dual Diploma School Partners

Welcome to Washington Academy

Our partner, Washington Academy delivers classes on the Hybrid Dual Diploma program. Founded in 1792, Washington Academy is one of America’s oldest educational institutions. With full accreditation from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, it’s a sought-after destination for students from around the world. Each year, Washington Academy welcomes 500 students to its Maine campus and many more global students like you to its digital classrooms. And of each graduating class, 92 percent are accepted to a selective college or university.

Welcome to Wayland Academy

Wayland Academy is another partner that delivers courses on the Hybrid Dual Diploma program. Founded in 1855, Wayland Academy is ranked in the top 5 for best boarding schools, best college prep high schools, and best private schools in the state of Wisconsin by Wayland Academy is an independent, coed college prep school for boarding and day students. Accredited by ISACS, the academic program features a selection of courses and AP offerings.

Study on exchange in America

The Hybrid Dual Diploma is an easy way to add value to the life-changing experience of studying abroad on exchange. As an exchange student in America, you’ll be immersed in a rewarding academic environment and the extracurricular fun American high schools are famous for. Living with a host family will help you understand and feel belonging in your new home. And of course, you’ll become fluent in English! If you want to go on exchange or need more information, contact us. We send over 7,000 students on exchange programs, and we can help you have the experience you’re after.

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