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Canada is now one of the most popular high school destinations in the world for international students. From vibrant cities like Toronto, Ontario and Montreal, Quebec; to beautiful regions like British Columbia and Newfoundland, Canada is a welcoming environment for International students. Canadians are friendly, well-educated, and provide excellent hospitality to foreign students — and Canada’s public, private, and boarding schools prepare international students for higher education in Canada and abroad. Educatius places international students in over 50 high schools across Canada and they are supported every day and night through our Service Promise. In Canada, students can study on our SELECT high school program where they can choose exactly where they want to study and if they want to study for a semester, year, or multiple years.

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Why study High School in Canada

The BBC has labelled Canada an “education superpower,” and it's not surprising that a growing number of international students choose to study high school in Canada each year. Canadian education is largely focused on equal opportunities for everyone. Foreign students are given incredible academic and social support, and can choose from a range of specialty high school programs. 

Here are some reasons international students choose to study high school in Canada with Educatius Group:

  • We help you choose the perfect match from over 50+ great high schools in cities and towns across Canada, including Toronto, Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Newfoundland, Montreal, and more.
  • International students' safety and well-being are supported by our Service Promise, from the time they submit an application until they complete their high school program.
  • Our Canadian schools offer incredible options for foreign students, including International Baccalaureate (IB) programs, French Immersion, Sports Academies, and concentrations in STEM, Business, Communications Technology, Health and Wellness, Tourism and more!
  • Many high schools will accept students with a lower level of English.
  • A homestay program included in our package price that gives students a single room with a welcoming Canadian host family, supported by our local staff. We take care of all aspects of the student's well-being.
  • A true immersion experience! We always place students in an English speaking family and there are never any other students of the same nationality in the home - so every student gets personal attention. 

Some foreign students come to Canada for the experience of a year or semester; while others come to Canada for multiple years as preparation for university in Canada. Anything is possible with Educatius Group's high school and host family program.

Where do students live?

Staying with a Canadian host family

When you stay with an Educatius Group homestay, you get much more than a place to live! Our Canadian host families are friendly and welcoming to all, and will help you adjust culturally and practically to your new life far away from home. You'll improve your English rapidly through daily communication with them, as all of Educatius Group's host families will speak English as their primary language at home. Your family will be there for you to help you become comfortable and confident in your Canadian high school, and introduce you to life in Canada. You will share your family's social activities, and might even try something new like ice skating or tubing.

What does a Canadian Homestay Provide?

Once you are accepted to a high school, Educatius Group places you in a host family close to the school. The majority of our students live within a 20 minute commute of their high school. Students might walk, ride a bike, take a school bus, or take public transportation to school. Or the host family might drive them. 

In the home, international students will have their own single room. There might be 1 other international student in the house, of a different nationality. Each student has their own bed, study area, closet, and space. International students share the rest of the home with their host family, sharing meals, social time, outings, and Canadian holidays. Upon arrival, students and host families review rules and expectations together.  

Host families are there to support students to be comfortable in Canada - helping them practice English, making them feel welcome, sharing local culture, answering questions, and supporting them when they need help. For instance, taking the student to the doctor if they feel sick.

Continual Service and Support 

Each Educatius Group student in Canada is protected by our Service Promise, so you can be confident that you will receive ongoing support from before you arrive until the day you graduate from your high school program. Each student is assigned an Educatius Canada local coordinator, who works with the student, their host family, and school to be there to orient students and families, and act as a liaison to resolve issues. A 24/7 toll free number makes sure that students can always reach us in case of an emergency.

Living in a dormitory at a Canadian boarding school

International students live among other Canadian and foreign high school students as well as supervising adults, who provide guidance and support. It's an amazing opportunity to bond immediately with new friends and feel a part of an incredible community. New students are paired with a roommate or several, they could be Canadians or other international students. There is an incredible fellowship in the dorms, with common spaces for students to talk, study, watch movies or play games. Dormitories always have separate facilities for boys and girls.

Everything is right within walking distance - it's only a few minutes walk from bed to class! After class there are always clubs and sports to participate in, and on the weekends there are always things to do, from sporting events, to trips to local museums or famous universities, to pizza parties, and bowling nights. When international students are homesick or experience culture shock, they are never alone.

One of the very best things about living in the dorm is actually the food! Many Canadian boarding schools employ professional chefs and use organic ingredients. Some schools even grow their own produce on campus. Each day there is a varied menu of healthy and delicious options.

High School Programs in Canada

Canada Public Schools for International Students 

Canadian Public Schools are a fantastic option for international students to study secondary school, at a great value.

The Canadian education system has students entering high school from grades 9-12 (in Quebec grades 9-11).  During this time, they take increasingly challenging courses to prepare for university acceptance. After school, international students can join all the amazing extra curricular activities - including sports teams, arts clubs, theatre, model UN, social justice and leadership groups.

One of the great benefits to Canadian Public Schools is that foreign students on a study visa can stay for multiple years if they wish. Of course, some international students just want a taste of Canada for a semester or a year. On Educatius Group's SELECT Canada program, anything is possible!

Advantages of Canadian Public (State) High Schools 

International students can attend public high schools in some of the most amazing locations like Toronto, Montreal, British Columbia, Alberta, and Newfoundland. And they can choose a public school district based on many factors in addition to location!

Our Canadian Public Schools offer a top ranked curriculum including sciences, math, English, and humanities. And many of our Canada Public High Schools offer even more:

  • IB programs
  • STEM programs 
  • Sport or Dance Academies
  • French Immersion
  • Focused Concentrations - in Ontario these are known as Special High Skills Majors (SHSM) - in a range of subjects like Multimedia, Communications, Health and Wellness, Business, Environment, and more.

What's more, many Canadian Public High School have incredible support for international students who have a low level of English. Students can be placed in varying levels of ESL (English as a Second Language) courses to help them rapidly improve their language, while attending a high school with Canadian students.

Canada High School Fees

The fees for international students to attend Canadian public schools include tuition, living with a caring Canadian Host Family, and ongoing supervision and support. The costs can range from about $23,000 CAD to $36,000 CAD for an academic year. Big cities like Toronto are the most expensive and smaller locations (where there are fewer international students) are less expensive.

Apply to a Canadian Boarding School 

Boarding Schools in Canada offer international students the opportunity to study at a prestigious institution with an emphasis on self advancement.  These high schools are usually competitive and selective, accepting students with great potential. 

Living on campus means that international students are supported 24/7 by a team of experienced faculty and staff. Students have the convenience of a short walk to campus, and a healthy selection of meals each day. A regular schedule of activities keeps all students engaged.

Students are integrated with Canadian and other international students and form close and long lasting relationships. Royal family members, future artists, business entrepreneurs and government leaders often attend boarding schools and the opportunity to network with tomorrow's leaders is incredible.



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