, France
  • Homestay Accommodation
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France Classic Program

Program Facts

  • Grades Accepted
    8, 9, 10, 11, 12
  • Accommodation Type
    Homestay Accommodation
  • Program Length
    Fall Semester, Fall Year, Short-Term, Spring Semester

Program Description

Can’t you just see yourself having a picnic under the Eiffel Tower with your classmates? If so, then France is the right choice for you!

For the Classic Program, Educatius Group collaborates with not-for-profit organizations to offer international students the chance to live and study in exciting destinations worldwide. Learn to appreciate the French way of life and its beautiful culture and language while studying in a state or private Collège or Lycée. Experience France’s charming villages, delicious food, ancient castles, grandeous cathedrals, and world-class museums. Wear your beret proudly — living and learning in culturally rich France is the pièce de résistance (very special)!

Classic High School is the traditional high school program that most students choose. This is the perfect choice for you who long for a genuine exchange experience. We match you with a carefully selected host family and high school in France. You can be placed in a bustling big city, charming coastal town, or on the countryside close to the nature. This is the program for you that are open-minded, and excited to try new things.

Educatius Classic Program in France

Ages Accepted
Other Eligibility
No minimum level of French is required

Student Testimonials

It’s the most amazing experience I’ve ever had. Everything was all new and so different, the houses, the streets, the food. I’ve learned so much that I’ll always be grateful.

Amy from Australia