Why Study High School with Educatius Group?


The SELECT High School option is the top choice for international students who demand the best - and want to customize the high school experience of their dreams. Students choose and apply to specific high schools based on city, school type, size, academic ranking, sports teams, arts programs, AP courses, A-levels, International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme, STEM and more. Available in the USA, UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. Our Student Advisors and international representatives help you decide which high schools are best for you.

Enroll for a semester, academic year or multiple years in grades 8-12. A few boarding schools may accept younger students. In the USA, students can enroll in schools offering the Diploma Year, and earn a US High School Diploma in 1 year in grade 12!

International students can choose from excellent individual Public (State) or Private Day High Schools with caring host families managed by Educatius Group staff. Or, elite Boarding Schools with world class facilities and competitive academics where students live with local and international students in dorms on campus.

It's much more than a chance to improve your English language ability and experience life in another country. It's ideal for foreign students wishing to follow an academic pathway to higher education abroad - or for students who just want to customize their perfect high school experience based on their interests.

The price of the SELECT program varies per country and individual school. Generally public schools are a lower price and boarding schools are the most expensive; location also makes a difference too. Big city locations tend to be more expensive than smaller towns. Academic year programs start around $17,000 USD or local equivalent and go up to $75,000 USD.

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Educatius Group’s Academic Exchange Program ($$) is perfect for international students looking for the academic advantages of our SELECT High School program, but with a lower price than SELECT. Available in the USA, UK and Ireland.

It's the lowest price for students interested in studying a high school program in the USA, UK or Ireland as a path to university or higher education.

You can study an academic program at a Private or Public High School, for an affordable budget - if you let us choose your destination. Students cannot choose a specific school, but foreign students will still enjoy all the academic benefits of the SELECT program (like continuing on a pathway for graduation and university studies in their destination). Educatius chooses the high school where the student will be enrolled and places them with a local, caring host family.

In the USA, foreign students can attend for a semester, academic year or multiple years in grades 9-12 at a public or private high school, and international students entering grade 12 can be placed in a school where they can earn a US High School Diploma in 1 year! 

It's more flexible than the J-1 program in age requirements, language requirements and medical conditions. International students who complete a year on the J-1 program and wish to continue studying in America for the lowest cost can enroll in our Academic Exchange program on an F-1 visa. Students can request a favourite sport, art, or subject and we will place them in a school that has that.

In the UK, international students attend excellent State (Public) schools with 500-1,500 students; mainly located in large towns or cities throughout England (from Birmingham north), Scotland, and Wales. Our school partners have top range facilities, such as performing arts studios, high-tech STEM labs, or restaurants where students practice culinary arts. A-Levels / BTECs / GCSEs are available. Grades can be convalidated, or student can earn A-level certification (diploma) with two years of study in Great Britain.

In Ireland, international students attend Private Day schools with 300-400 students; most are located in small towns or rural areas with a low rate of international students. Students can choose a 1-year program called the "Transition Year," which is good for students with lower English or weaker grades.  They can continue on for a second year to get their "Leaving Certificate," which is equivalent to UK's A-Levels, and is a good foundation for University study.

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Educatius Group's Classic High School Program is perfect for international students who want a rewarding cultural exchange experience and to improve their English, and don't need to choose an exact school, location, courses to take, or a sport to play. This is the traditional student exchange. In the USA, students study on a J-1 visa.

Students cannot choose a specific school but may be able to request preferences for a supplemental fee above the regular price.

Students live in caring, volunteer local host families. The Classic program is more experiential than academic, and limited to 1 year maximum. Thus it is not advised as a preparation to attend university or college in the study abroad destination.

Available in the USA (through partners), UK (for EU citizens), Ireland (for EU citizens), Germany, France (through partners), Spain, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Australia (through partners), New Zealand (through partners), Argentina and Chile. While you can never choose the school you want to attend, in some countries you can request a region or climate.

Eligibility and language requirements vary from country to country, check your favorite destination for details. Prices vary from country to country but start around approximately $10,000 USD (or equivalent depending on destination) per year.   Search for programs with $.

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SELECT High School Programs
International students can choose exactly the high school they want in the USA, UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Australia, New Zealand or Canada. This is the ultimate way to choose a top high school abroad.  Use our high school search tool or tell us exactly what you are looking for - a famous city, a specific academic program, a competitive high school, sports, arts, STEM or IB. Public or Private Day schools have carefully screened Educatius host families taking care of students during their stay; Boarding Schools have fantastic dormitories right on campus. The most flexibility and choice, and a great preparation for university or college.
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Academic Exchange High School Program
The hybrid high school program offered in the USA, UK and Ireland. International students have the fantastic experience of living with a local host family and attending secondary school. Students cannot choose a specific school but receive full academic credit and can study for a semester, academic year or multiple years as preparation for university. Often more flexible in age and admission requirements than the Classic Program.
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Classic High School Program
A cultural exchange for a semester or academic year maximum; international students attend high school and live a local immersion experience with a volunteer host family. Cannot choose a specific secondary school and not typically a path to university. Available in all Educatius Group destinations except Canada; in some places offered by our partners. Limited space available.
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