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How My Year Abroad Started My Aviation Career

This is the picture taken right after passing my Private Pilot checkride, which meant I had officially become a pilot! But let’s take a few steps back. 

This year has been incredible! I came to the States to discover a new culture, make new friends, and begin the journey toward my aviation career. At school, we studied all the theory about flying, and during the first semester, a generous retired pilot gave me and my classmates the chance of flying on his professional simulator. Later, this helped me a lot when I actually started flight school in REAL planes. 

At the end of February, I started flying and received a scholarship for the training. By the 3rd of April, I was doing my first solo and in the following weeks, I was at the flight school every afternoon after school, giving all of myself to pursue my dreams. Two days before graduation I finally took my flying exam and got the license. 

Funny thing is that now I can fly planes but can’t drive cars because I’m still 17!

This year abroad changed my life completely, it opened many doors and allowed me to have a wider perspective on the world. I made so many experiences, met really cool people, and discovered all the options I have ahead of me!

I couldn’t ask for a better experience and I’ll definitely come back to the US. Next time I’ll probably do the tourist thing, I really want to visit the rest of this country, and hopefully, I’ll be able to meet up again with my friends and host family 🙂

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