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For parents

We apply a proven methodology that ensures students have the best possible start, feel supported throughout their studies, and are well-prepared for life after graduation.

Personal guidance counseling 
One-to-one guidance counseling sessions help you and your child make the right decisions about their academic journey. To start, we’ll ask your child about their goals and interests. We’ll assess their academic record and English language skills, too. This will inform the program and classes we recommend.

Academic support
Teachers in the U.S. routinely engage live with their students and can be contacted directly about lesson materials, assignments, and exams. Additionally, academic tutors are on hand 24/7, 365 days a year. This on-demand support means your child can get their questions answered and help with assignments and exam preparation.

Monitor your child’s progress 
We’ve built a user-friendly platform that reports your child’s progress and academic performance. It’s updated regularly so you and your child can review it together during their studies.

College Entrance Program 
Our College Entrance Program is always included. It provides free, personalized college counseling, scholarship opportunities, application advice, and much more. 

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Quick facts:
  • We can recommend the best program and classes for you child

  • Teachers and tutors offer learning support throughout your child’s studies

  • Academic progress reports are available to you on demand

  • All students get free college counseling from an experience advisor

Where will your child study?

Prestigious American boarding schools deliver Educatius Academy Online programs. Students who study on exchange in the U.S. take classes with Washington Academy, one of the oldest boarding schools in the country. Students who study online only enroll with Thornton Academy, a leading boarding school with an outstanding reputation in virtual learning.

Our academic delivery partners

Why Educatius Academy Online?

Educatius Academy Online is a division of Educatius Group, the world leader in international high school education. Together with our partner network of education agents and consultants, schools, and language centers, we enroll 7,000 students from 60 countries on high school study exchanges in 14 top destinations worldwide. We are the high school experts.

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Book free academic counseling

Contact us today to arrange a personal meeting with an experienced academic counselor. We’ll explore ways an Educatius Academy Online program can benefit your child’s future. Get answers to your questions about what we offer, plus language and learning support and college counseling services. We look forward to meeting you!

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