2019 Educatius High School Programs in UK for International Students


Students from all around the world dream of studying at high school in the UK, the home of the English language. Educatius offers international students a wide range of study choices in exciting locations including Brighton, London, and Manchester. Choose from prestigious SELECT boarding schools, modern public high schools with excellent facilities and our Classic and Academic Exchange programmes. Whatever programme they choose, exchange students in the UK know that they will receive a world-class education all whilst gaining a unique insight into the diversity of British culture.

Highlights of High School Programmes

Available Programmes
Number of SELECT High Schools
Type of Schools Available

Why study High School in UK

International students studying at high schools in the UK are guaranteed to have a unique experience, full of exciting opportunities and unforgettable moments. Educatius UK's three different types of high school programmes in the UK allow students from all over the world to choose their ideal experience - the one that best suits their goals and their budget. From cities like Manchester, Brighton, and Birmingham which have world-famous histories and and attractions - to smaller towns which give students a more local experience - studying in the UK has so much to offer.


How does the UK High School system work?

 School YearAgeStudy Options 
Years 7, 8, and 9Year 7 - 11 year-olds

Year 8 - 12 year-olds

Year 9 - 13 year-olds
Students study 12 - 15 subjects
Years 10 and 11Year 10 - 14 year-olds

Year 11 - 15 year-olds
Students study 9 or 10 subjects, some core (English, Maths, Science) and some chosen (arts, languages, Business Studies etc.) At the end of Year 11 they complete coursework and exams to obtain qualifications in these subjects. These are known as GCSEs.
Years 12 and 13Year 12 - 16 year-olds

Year 13 - 17 year-olds
Students study 3 subjects - none are mandatory. These can include traditional academic and exam-focused subjects (known as A Levels) such as Chemistry or History, or vocational and coursework-focused subjects (known as BTECs) such as Performing Arts or Sports Science. The IB programme is available in some schools.


Why Choose Educatius?

What sets Educatius apart from other high school exchange companies is our high-quality accommodation placements and the ongoing support we provide to our students. We understand that where you live is just as important as the school you choose, and that international students need extra support whilst they are living far away from home. Educatius UK takes extra care when selecting a host family for each student who needs one, and our Local Coordinators are dedicated to helping the students adjust to their new surroundings and overcome any challenges they may encounter.

Each month, our local staff provide parents with a report based on feedback from the school, the host family, and the student. Students who attend boarding schools in the UK live in school accommodation, known as a boarding house, with their fellow students. They receive kind supervision from live-in staff members who make the boarding house a wonderful home away from home for international students.

Throughout our entire history, Educatius UK has been committed to quality support of international students. That’s why all our staff are specially trained and vetted and have multiple years of experience in working with young people from all around the world to provide them with successful high school programmes.

Where do students live?

Living with a Host Family in the UK

The UK has a long-standing tradition of welcoming students from all over the world, and British families have been opening their homes to international students for many years. British host families can live in the city, the suburbs, an apartment, a house, or with or without children of their own. Some host families have pets, some do not. Educatius UK’s host families come in many shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common - they love learning about new cultures and providing international students with an unforgettable family experience in the UK!

Educatius UK is dedicated to giving students a truly immersive exchange experience in the UK. Students will be placed with families who speak English as the primary language with only 1 or 2 other foreign students in the home. If there are 2 international students in the home, they will be of different nationalities - to ensure students speak in English at all times.

As a member of a host family, international students will experience life in the UK first-hand. Their host family will introduce them to British culture and help them to feel comfortable in their new country. They will have the unique opportunity to truly improve their English, experience everyday life alongside British people and certainly not least, create bonds with a caring family who they will probably stay in touch with for the rest of their life!


What does a Host Family in the UK provide?

Once you are accepted into a high school on a Classic, SELECT, or Academic Exchange Programme, Educatius UK will allocate you to a host family in your placement area. To get to school, students might walk, ride a bike, take a school bus, take public transportation, or their host family might give them a lift.

In the home, students might have their own bedroom, or share with another international student. Each student has their own bed, study area, wardrobe, and space. International students share the rest of the home with their host family and they will share meal times, social times, outings, and holidays together throughout their stay.

Host families are there to support students and help them to settle into their life in the UK, by helping them practice their English, making them feel welcome, sharing the local cuisine and culture, answering any questions they may have, and supporting them when they need help or are unwell.


Continual Service and Support

Each Educatius student in the UK is protected by our Service Promise, so you can be confident that you'll receive ongoing support from before you arrive until the day you complete your high school programme. Each student is assigned an Educatius Local Coordinators, who works with the student, their host family, and school to be there to orient students and families, and act as a liaison to resolve issues. Our 24/7 phone line makes sure that students and parents can always reach us in case of an emergency.

Living in a Private Boarding School in the UK

Living in a Private Boarding School in the UK is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for international students. As soon as they arrive, they can settle into the place where they will live, study, and play during their time in the UK.

International students live among British students and other foreign high school students in Private Boarding Schools in the UK. Supervising adults also live in the boarding houses, providing constant guidance and support. Going to a boarding school is an amazing opportunity to bond immediately with new friends and feel part of a special community. There is a great family atmosphere in the houses, with common spaces for students to talk, relax, study, watch films, or play games. Thanks to their proximity to the school’s facilities, they also have the chance to get involved in a wide range of extracurricular activities.

Boarding houses always have separate facilities for boys and girls. Meals are served in the boarding house dining room. Every day there is a varied menu of healthy and delicious options, and everything is included in our Private Boarding School programmes.

High School Programmes in the UK

The UK Classic High School Exchange is the traditional High School programme that aims to increase cultural and academic understanding between different nations. 

Educatius matches students with a carefully selected Host Family and high school throughout the UK. Students may be placed in a bustling big city, charming coastal town, or in the countryside and close to nature.

Students on the Classic Exchange programme will get the opportunity to experience High School alongside their British counterparts. As guests of the host school they will join in with a range of classes and activities whilst sharing their own culture and traditions with their new British friends. Educatius will always choose the school and subjects to experience will be selected with the host school upon arrival.

Our students stay with Host Families in the local community. Host Families are paid a stipend for hosting and Educatius handles the screening, placement, and supervision of Host Families before and during the programme. These families have a strong desire to welcome a foreign student and help them experience British culture. 


Why Students Love this Programme

  • Immerse in an excellent education system that offers a lot of subject diversity (Note: The Classic Exchange is not a study programme – subjects cannot be guaranteed and students are guests of the school)
  • Placement in medium to large towns and cities throughout the UK – there is always something going on.
  • Experience the real British lifestyle with genuine Host Family placements.
  • Opportunity to experience much more of the UK (and Ireland) with our optional Student Trips. 
  • Flexible requirements and deadlines – we can and do accept bookings after the deadlines.
  • Learn about the culture of the United Kingdom with this wonderful High School Exchange experience.


Who Can Attend?


Our UK Classic Exchange programmes are open to students aged 14-18 on or before 31st August looking for a short-term High School experience up to 6 months.

Length of ProgrammeSemester or Trimester Only (up to 6 months) with no extensions possible.
Minimum EnglishNo mandatory English assessment required, though students are expected to have at least a Intermediate level.
Academic HistoryMinimum Grade C equivalent in English, Maths, and 5 other subjects.
Can a diploma be obtained?A school report is provided at the end of the Exchange. No diploma or qualifications can be earned.
Programme Start DateLast week of August / Start of January / Mid April
Application Deadline

1st June for August admission / 15th November for January admission / 15th February for April admission


What Is Included? 

  • Full time High School exchange in a British State School of our choice.
  • Full board accommodation in a Host Family – placements can be either single, double or triple (with students from a different nationality) depending on the size of the house.
  • Welfare package provided by our Local Coordinators to include an arrival orientation meeting, monthly meeting, and reports submitted to the home agency.
  • Once-per-term activity or social gathering for all students in the placement area, which is paid for by Educatius UK.
  • Return airport pick-up and drop-off by Educatius representatives.


What Is Not Included? 

  • School uniform when necessary 
  • Transport to and from school
  • All extra activities, trips, social events, or sports the student wishes to take part in
  • Travel/Medical Insurance
  • Soft Landing Camp in London for August arrivals


Classic + City / Regional Choice

Educatius offers students the option to choose their placement city with the Classic + City Choice programme. Students are able to choose from our metropolitan destinations while experiencing all the benefits of our Classic programme above. This offers our students the chance to be close to the heart of the action with lots of leisure and cultural activities to experience.


Check out our UK Academic Exchange programme for a Classic alternative if want subject guarantees or legal school transcripts!

Academic Exchange UK - Exciting State School programmes for international students!

International students can study in the UK at high school for one low flat price on our Academic Exchange Programme!

With Educatius UK's Academic Exchange Programme, if you can be flexible and let Educatius’ experts choose your school and destination, you can study in the UK at state (public) high school for a more affordable budget. This exciting opportunity opens up the possibility to study in the highly popular and academically-renowned UK state school education system.

This is a wonderful programme opportunity for students who are interested in experiencing an exchange programme with British students, schools, and families and also equally perfect for students with ambitions of going onto university within the UK or abroad. The schools will all assist students staying for multiple years with the necessary support for applying to British universities.


Why Students Love This Programme  

  • Low-cost state school programme in the UK - an incredible opportunity for international students to fulfil their British High School dreams!
  • Academic Profiling - we conduct an academic profile of the student in advance, to place them in the school that fits with subjects that match their preferences/career goals.
  • Students study on a variety of academic pathways which can all lead up to university admission.
  • A Levels, BTECs, GCSEs and many other academic pathways are available.
  • Low international student population compared to British student population at the schools.
  • Students can stay for more than one year at the same school and are able to graduate with British qualifications (important for university admission).
  • Placements in Host Families in medium to large metropolitan areas (single or double placement).


Who Can Attend?

The UK Academic Exchange Programme is open for students who are aged 16 - 18 on or before 31st August. It is not possible to attend under the age of 16.

Length of ProgrammeAcademic Year, Multiple Year, Semester, Term
Minimum English RequirementStudents coming under the UK Student Route Visa (stays of more than 6 months) will require an IELTS for UKVI result of 5.0. Short-term students will need upper-intermediate level of English. 
GPAMinimum Grade C equivalent in English, Maths, and 5 other subjects
Can a diploma be obtained?To earn the full A Level, students will need to complete the full 2-year programme. All students will receive a transcript at the end of their studies.
Programme Start DateEnd of August or beginning of January 
Application Deadline

Academic Year: 30th May for September admission
Semester: 30th May for September admission / 15th November for January admission


What Is Included?

  • Full-time education in a state (public) school of our choice - our expert placement team spends time studying each application in order to place each student in a school must suited to their particular interests and skills.
  • Full board accommodation in a Host Family- placements can be either single or double (with a student from a different nationality) depending on the size of the house.
  • Welfare package provided by our Student Liaison Officers to include an arrival orientation meeting, monthly reports submitted to the home agency.
  • Once-per-term activity or social gathering for all students in the placement area, which is paid for by Educatius UK.
  • Student pack with handbook, contact telephone numbers, student ID card, and small useful gifts.
  • Return airport pick-up and drop-off by the Host Family or Educatius representatives (designated airport only).


What Is Not Included?

  • Transport to and from school
  • All extra activities, trips, social events or sports the student wishes to take part in.
  • Travel / Medical insurance
  • Soft Landing Camp for August arrivals
  • Validation of documents
  • IELTS for UKVI test
  • UK Visa

SELECT State High School opportunities for all international students!

Our popular SELECT State High School programme allows students to study at the educational establishment of their choosing from our portfolio of schools. 

This is the perfect programme for students who want to have control over their school and location prior to enrolling. Our schools are situated throughout the UK including attractive destinations along the south coast of England as well as in larger towns and cities. This is a real British experience and being immersed in State school life gives a fantastic insight into the daily lives of regular British people. 

Our school portfolio of hand-selected establishments lets students choose their preferred study pathway. Pick from schools in great locations with wide ranges of subjects, sports, and art / music programmes.

All of our SELECT State schools meet the requirements to support the UK Student Route Visa (General). 


Why Students Love This Programme 

  • Apply to multiple schools with one application
  • Choose your study programme
  • Choose your study location 
  • Stay for multiple years at the same school 
  • Students dreaming of university will receive assistance from school staff with their UCAS applications.


Who Can Attend? 

The UK SELECT State Programme is open to students aged 16 - 18 on or before the 31st August. It is not possible to attend under the age of 16

Length of ProgrammeAcademic Year, Multiple Years, Semester, Term 
Minimum English Requirement This varies: All UK Student Route Visa students are required to have a UKVI SELT exam (Secure English Language Test). Generally this is the IELTS for UKVI, but some schools will accept the Pearsons Test of English UKVI and the Language Cert SELT exam. Please refer to individual school profiles for exact options.

Minimum IELTS for UKVI score would be 5.5.

Students not requiring a UK Student Route Visa are expected to demonstrate an adequate level of English.
Academic HistoryStudents should show the equivalent of A*, A, or B in English, Mathematics, and 5 other subjects during their last 2 years at school.
Can a diploma be obtained?Two years of study is required to complete the full A-Level programme.
Visas requiring students to study for 1 Academic Year will be following at least one mandatory subject that ends in an examination or certification at the end of their year.
Programme Start End of August or beginning of January.
Application Deadline  Academic Year: 30th April for September admission
Semester/Term: 30th May for September or 15th November for January
NationalityAll students (the exact school offering will vary according to nationality)


What Is Included?

  • Full-time education in a state school – the Educatius team will also provide a counselling service to ensure students are picking the best school for them.
  • Full board accommodation in a Host Family for the duration of the academic year - placements can be either single or double (with a student from a different nationality) depending on the size of the house.
  • Guardianship and supervision by Educatius officials during the programme and includes once per term meet-ups and monthly reports submitted to the home agency.
  • Once-per-term activity or social gathering for all students.
  • Return airport pick-up and drop-off at the start and end of the programme.
  • Application support during the process.

What Is Not Included?

  • School uniform when necessary 
  • Transport to and from school
  • All extra activities, trips, social events or sports the student wishes to take part in
  • Travel/Medical Insurance
  • Soft Landing Camp in London at the University of Westminster for August arrivals
  • Visa 

Enrolment of a student is at the discretion of the school acceptance staff and should a student not be successful in their first choice of school the Educatius placement staff will recommend suitable alternatives to offer the student.

UK Private Boarding Schools

Boarding schools in the UK are the elite of the High School education system, yet offer a warm and inclusive environment for all students. Boarding schools are focused on entrance to university and they prepare students to succeed in higher education and beyond. Many international students choose to attend boarding schools for multiple years in pursuit of A Level or IB qualifications and aspire to attend a top university. No other High School programme can offer a more thorough start to an academic career. Boarding schools have small class sizes which give students extra attention. Course selections are diverse and students have a great variety of classes to choose from. 

Our Private Boarding programme is open to students aged 11 - 18.


UK Boarding School Academics and Extra-Curricular Activities


The academics at boarding schools have high standards and students are challenged to creatively tackle problems in class. For those students requiring extra support with their English, we have a number of schools that are equipped to assist with this. All of our boarding schools enrich the students with a wealth of extra-curricular activities, including sports programmes, performing arts, and much more. 

Many of our boarding schools date back centuries and some are in incredible scenic locations in the heart of the English countryside, whilst others are in the heart of our exciting capital city, London. 

UK Private Day School with Host Family for international students

Studying at a private day school allows international students the opportunity to enjoy the best of everything! The academic preparatory environment and top arts, sports, and facilities of a private day school combined with living with a supportive host family. Students can choose a school that meets their dreams and goals - based on academic courses, arts, sports, and most importantly; location in the UK. We place students at schools throughout England in some very desirable locations including our wonderful capital city, London. 

The programme includes

  • Host Family accommodation with half board (breakfast and dinner throughout the week) / full board at the weekend
  • Hot lunches at school Monday - Friday
  • For all our students enrolled at a Private Day School, Educatius will provide a host family within 45 minutes of the school and a full guardianship package


Academics and Extracurricular Activities


On the Private Day programme, students can study for a semester, an academic year, or multiple years in the UK. While some students wish to get a feel for life in Britain or improve their English and gain an accent, others choose to study for multiple years in order to prepare for a top university. Private schools offer much more than interesting and challenging classes, they also provide a wealth of extracurricular activities in arts, leadership, and sports. Browse each school profile to explore all the possibilities. 

Our private day programme is open to students aged 14 - 18. 

School List