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High school in the USA is a dream for many international students! Depending on the program, students can study in a famous American city, near the beach, near an Ivy League university, or in the heartland of America. We offer SELECT and Academic Exchange high school programs at Public (state), Private and Boarding schools in the USA on an F-1 visa, and our partners offer the Classic (J-1) High School Exchange program. Our American host families and Service Promise make students feel at home, and confident that they will be well taken care of.

Highlights of High School Programs

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Why study High School in the USA

International students studying high school in the USA have an incredible experience. And with Educatius Group's three high school program types in the USA, foreign students can choose their ideal experience for their goals -- and budget! From cities like Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington DC with world-class culture and attractions - to small towns for that real American exchange experience - studying in the USA will be incredible.

Many of our SELECT high schools offer STEM, AP courses or IB programs; or courses such as pre-engineering, sports medicine, agriculture, filmmaking, architecture and more. All USA high schools are known for their "school spirit" just like in the movies - lockers in the hallways, sports teams, art clubs, proms, and pep rallies. 

The Educatius Group advantage is in the accommodation placements and ongoing support we provide. As important as the school you choose, is where you live. International students need extra support so far away from home, so Educatius Group provides extra care in selecting a host family for each student in a Public or Private school, and our Local Coordinators help students adjust and overcome any challenges they might encounter. Each month, our local staff provides parents with a report based on feedback from the school, host family and student. Boarding students live in a convenient dormitory with kind supervision from adults living in the dormitory.

For our entire history, Educatius Group has been committed to quality support of international students and our F-1 inbound day school programs are listed by CSIET. 

Where do students live?

Living with an American host family

For many decades, American families have opened their homes to international students. These special families host foreign students for many reasons, maybe to share a new culture with their children, because their own children have grown up and they miss having students around, or they want to share their own culture with international students. 

Educatius Group's families come in many shapes and sizes, and they all give international students an unforgettable family experience in the USA. 

The Educatius Group advantage is giving students a true USA immersion experience. Students will be placed with families who speak English as the primary language with only 1 or 2 foreign students in the home. And if there are 2 international students in the home, they will never speak the same language - to ensure students really improve their English.

As a member of a host family, you will experience what it means to live as an American. Your host family will introduce you to US culture and help you feel comfortable in your new country. You will get an excellent opportunity to truly improve your English, experience everyday life in the USA and certainly not least, create bonds with a caring American family who you will probably stay in touch with for the rest of your life! 


What does an American Host Family Provide?

Once you are accepted to a high school on a SELECT or Academic Exchange Program, Educatius Group places you in a host family close to the school. The majority of our students live within a 20 minute commute of their high school. Students might walk, ride a bike, take a school bus or public transportation to school. Or the host family might drive them. 

In the home, students might have their own bedroom, or share with another international student. Each student has their own bed, study area, closet and space. International students share the rest of the home with their host family, sharing meals, social time, outings, and holidays.  

Host families are there to support students to be comfortable in the USA - helping them practice English, making them feel welcome, sharing local culture, answering questions, and supporting them when they need help. For instance, taking the student to the doctor if they feel sick.

Continual Service and Support 

Each Educatius Group student in the USA is protected by our Service Promise, so you can be confident that you will receive ongoing support from before you arrive until the day you graduate from your high school program. Each student is assigned an Educatius local coordinator, who works with the student, their host family, and school to be there to orient students and families, and act as a liaison to resolve issues. A 24/7 toll free number makes sure that students can always reach us in case of an emergency.

CSIET Listed

In addition, our F-1 inbound Day School Program is listed by CSIET, which certifies that Educatius Group complies with the standards set forth in the CSIET Standards for International Educational Travel Programs. A CSIET listing demonstrates an impressive standard of control due to CSIET's strict requirements in Host Family Screening, Ongoing Contact with Students, High School Enrollments, and Staff Screening.  

Living in a Dormitory at a US Boarding School 

Living in a dormitory at a US boarding school lets student live minutes away from their classes. You never have to worry about being late for class! 

International students live among other American and foreign high school students. Supervising adults also live in the dorms, providing constant guidance and support. It's an amazing opportunity to bond immediately with new friends and feel a part of an incredible community. New students are generally paired with an American or other international student. There is an incredible fellowship in the dorms, with common spaces for students to talk, relax, study, watch movies, or play games. Dormitories always have separate facilities for boys and girls.

Everything is within walking distance, and that means international students never feel alone. After class, there are always clubs and sports to join, and weekend activities include sporting events, trips to local museums or famous universities, pizza parties, and bowling nights. When international students get homesick or experience culture shock, they are never alone.

One of the very best things about living in the dorm is actually the food! Many US boarding schools employ professional chefs and use organic ingredients. Each day there is a varied menu of healthy and delicious options.

High School Programs in the USA

Study and Live at an American Boarding School

USA Private Boarding Schools are for students who want more - of everything! More attention from teachers, more challenging opportunities, more preparation for university, more advanced sports and arts facilities, and more opportunities for the future. Boarding Schools are usually competitive, with selective admissions, small classes, and individual attention from highly qualified faculty. Educatius Group only works with schools that have documented high quality academics and facilities. We partner directly with American Boarding Schools that offer a great education and the best possible environment for study, enrichment activities, and social achievement.

Research shows that students who have attended USA Boarding Schools state much higher rates of:

  • Satisfaction with their teachers
  • Achievement of higher degrees
  • Advanced positions in their careers
  • Satisfaction overall with their high school experience

Where are our Boarding Schools?

Most of our Private Boarding Schools partners are in the USA – including California, Texas, Florida, Boston, Washington DC, Connecticut, New York, and Arizona. We also can place students in Boarding Schools in the UK, Canada, and Switzerland.

Usually, international students choose Boarding Schools for their strong academics results and university prep programs that help students be accepted to top universities in the USA and around the world. However, some international students choose US boarding schools for the unique programs that cannot be found in high schools in their own country.

What are the Advantages of Boarding Schools?

All our US Boarding Schools have excellent academics, and many offer specialty programs. These programs might be academic such as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), AP Courses, Robotics, Languages, or Business Entrepreneurship. Programs might be artistic such as a performing arts conservatory, a world-class ballet program, film-making or a competitive music program in partnership with a top university. Other schools might have unique offerings such as a golf course, horseback riding facilities on campus, or even flying lessons for students.

Boarding Schools provide international students with the best environment to enrich their skills in academics, arts, sports and leadership – the accomplishments that top US & global universities are seeking.

Most Boarding Schools seek talented students, but a few Boarding Schools are good options for students who need extra help to be successful in school.

Some other benefits of boarding schools are always having your friends close by, having teachers and faculty available for extra support around the clock, living super close to classes, and choosing from a healthy menu of professionally prepared food each day.

Who can apply?

Most of our boarding schools accept foreign students in grades 8-12. Some of our partners accept younger students. Each boarding school has its own requirements for admissions and will look at each student’s academic grades, English level, and motivation. Schools will require a Skype or even in person interview with each applicant before considering their admission. Students should take a TOEFL or ELTiS test to determine their English ability prior to applying.

Some schools are highly competitive, accepting only a handful of students a year. Some schools have excellent English (ESL) programs for international students and therefore can accept a student with a lower level of ESL than a day school can. With so many variations, it can be difficult to know which school is best for you!. However, our Student Advisors help each student understand which boarding schools are the best fit, and you can apply for multiple high schools with 1 application.

Start an inquiry and our staff or regional partners will help you understand the admission process and requirements to apply.

USA Boarding School Fees

Each Boarding School sets its own fees for tuition, accommodation, and meals. The typical costs range from $30,000 USD to $75,000 USD per academic year. There are often additional fees for insurance, additional English as a Second Language classes, student activities, damage deposit, uniform, textbooks, breaks etc.

Generally Boarding Schools that are very competitive, in famous locations and that are non-religious are more expensive; and those in less famous locations that have a religious affiliation are less expensive.

We can assist talented students to secure partial scholarships that can decrease the price of a Boarding School for instance from $60,000 USD to $35,000 USD if the student demonstrates financial need or extraordinary ability.

We unfortunately are unable to assist students who need full scholarships or free education.

A prestigious USA private school education with an American Host Family  

On Educatius’ SELECT Private Day USA School Program, international students study a high level of academics while living with an American host family.

Most international students who attend the Private Day program stay for multiple years, and continue to a competitive university in the US. Others, however, attend our Private Day School Program for the experience of an academic year abroad and return home.

SELECT USA Private High School Schools with Educatius Group

Our Private Day schools are located throughout the USA including California, Massachusetts, Florida and New York. We work directly with these schools and arrange for our students' host family accommodation while they attend school.

We work directly with over 60 private secondary schools in over 20 US states, offering incredible options for American and international students - such as STEM, IB, AP Courses, Honors Courses, Dual Enrollment, and more. Our Private High Schools include some of the top ranked high schools in the USA - including Blue Ribbon High Schools and schools ranked A+ on Some are very competitive, admitting just a few top performing students each year; others are more flexible and will welcome students at a range of academic levels.

Some schools are located in famous US locations such as New York City, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Texas, and Florida. Others are located in smaller cities and towns throughout America; Colorado, Iowa, Nebraska, Georgia. Most are co-ed, although we do offer a few all-boys and all-girls private schools. We have many private day schools that are non-religious, as well as some that are Catholic, Christian, Episcopalian, and others. 

Our Student Advisors work with each student to understand their goals, budget, and background to recommend the best schools to match them.

Living with an Educatius American Host Family 

All of our host families are carefully selected, screened and supervised by Educatius’ experienced team. Host families come in many shapes and sizes, but will always offer international students a safe and supportive environment. All families have a strong interest in welcoming an international student into their home and sharing the American way of life.  

Each student is assigned a Local Coordinator who will orient them to their new community and act as a personal support throughout their stay. Our Local Coordinators provide a welcome orientation for international students, act as an advocate for the student if they have questions about the host family or school, and provide monthly reports on the student’s progress – by talking to the student, school, and host family.

Who can attend a SELECT USA Private High School?

International students aged 14-18 are eligible to attend our Private Day program, in grades 8-12. Each private school has its own admissions requirements, but all international students must have and maintain minimum passing grade point average (2.0 GPA). All student applicants are interviewed by their high schools to make sure they hold the necessary level of maturity and motivation to study abroad.

Students will need to test their English through a ELTiS or TOEFL test. ESL classes are available in some schools, for students who need extra English support.

How to Apply for a USA Private High School?

  • International students usually apply for Fall enrollments, some private schools accept January enrollments.
  • The general deadline for Fall enrollments is June 15, however many popular private high schools close earlier so complete your application as early as possible to get your first choice of schools.
  • Use our High School search to find your prefect school, or submit a pre-application to request assistance from our Student Advisors or local partners in your country.

Fees for USA Private High Schools

Each SELECT Private High School has a unique price. Generally a SELECT USA Private High School, including host family accommodation, meals, ongoing support and supervision for international students ranges between $22,000 USD to $60,000 USD per academic year. Search for schools matching $$$, $$$$, or $$$$$.

SELECT Private High Schools in big cities like Boston, Washington D.C., Los Angeles and San Francisco tend to be more expensive; as well as non-religious high schools. Private high schools in less-famous regions and with religious affiliations (Catholic, Christian etc.) generally have lower fees.

Prices include:

  • Tuition at the Private School
  • Accommodation with a safe and supportive host family
  • Meals*
  • Guardianship and supervision by Educatius Local Coordinator during the program, including welcome orientation and monthly reports
  • 24/7 toll free phone line for emergencies
  • F-1 Visa application documents and support
  • Airport welcome and pick up

Personalized consultation of the best high schools to fit each student's dream is free!

International students must have insurance and pay for the application fee per school. Some Private High Schools charge additional fees for uniforms, textbooks, extra ESL classes, activities, and student trips. 

*Students are provided breakfast and dinner. Students may bring lunches from home to eat at school but are otherwise responsible for buying their own school lunches if they prefer to eat from the school cafeteria.

**All students are welcome at the airport by their host family or an Educatius Group representative on arrival.

Attend the Perfect US Public School on an F-1 Visa

Our SELECT Public High School Program (on an F-1 visa) lets international students customize their perfect high school experience - maximum choice and control! Unlike the Classic J-1 high school exchange program, the Educatius SELECT Public High School Program lets students "select" an exact school based on their own preferences.

Some foreign students come for the overall experience and want to be at a high school near the beach or a big city in California, Massachusetts or Florida; they might want competitive sports or performing arts and lots of extracurricular activities.

Other foreign students are more academically focused and want a public school with the STEM programs, foreign languages, specific AP courses, and focused university preparation. Educatius' Diploma Year program at an F-1 public high school is ideal for students who want to choose an excellent high school, get a high school diploma and continue on to a US university or college.

Educatius Group's public (or government or state) school districts are situated in attractive locations like Los Angeles, Boston, Florida, San Francisco, Phoenix, Seattle, and many more. Our students can play sports (according to state laws), join clubs, and take courses the schools - including the ability to earn a high school diploma in grade 12!

Thanks to our late application deadlines and guaranteed placements, the program also offers a possibility for students who did not get a place on the regular Classic J-1 program to study in the USA.

Why International Students Love USA Public (State, Government) High Schools

On the SELECT F-1 Program, International students attend US public high schools that charge tuition to foreign students. Due to this tuition fee, international students enjoy the same rights regarding academics, arts, activities, and graduation as American students.

  • Our SELECT Public schools are SEVIS approved to enroll international students.
  • Many of our high schools are top ranked Gold by US News and World Report.
  • USA Public Schools have the lowest percentage of international students and give a true American immersion experience.
  • Students can choose the exact school they want based on what they want - a specific AP course, a sports team, an art program, a great location, etc.
  • Educatius Group's caring host families and experienced local coordinators take care of international students until the day they graduate. 

Live with an American Family

Your new home away from home - your American host family will welcome you to your new life in America! Our staff matches our international students with well-screened host families near their school of choice. Our host families all go through rigorous background screening and supervision to make sure each student has a great homestay experience. A Local Coordinator is assigned to each student, for the students to go to if they have any questions or concerns during their program.

Who Can Attend?

  • International students aged 14-18, and in some cases schools will accept 19 year old students or graduated students.
  • All students must have and maintain a passing grade point average (2.0 GPA) as well as a level of maturity and motivation to study abroad.
  • All students are required to take a ELTiS-test and the minimum score for acceptance is 205. 
  • The SELECT Public High School Program is for a maximum of one year. International students can transfer into a private school after they complete a year at a public school.
  • Some school districts may have additional, unique admission requirements.

How to Apply to a USA Public High School

Deadline: If you want to start in the Fall, your application should be received by June 15. If you want to start in January/February, the deadline is November 15. However, some schools will fill up before that date, so we advise to send your application as early as possible to get your first school choice! 

Start an inquiry or pre-application to get school recommendations from our Student Advisors.

USA SELECT F-1 Public High School Fees for International Students

Studying high school abroad is one of the best investments you can make in your future!

Each high school or district has a different fee. Please request a quote for the schools you are interested in. Generally fees for an academic year at a public school range from $20,000 USD to $40,000 USD; including tuition, accommodation, meals, airport pick up, and ongoing supervision.

Prices include:

  • Personalized consultation to help you choose the SEVIS approved high school or district best for you
  • Tuition at a public school - yes, international students on an F-1 visa need to pay tuition at public high schools
  • Double placement in a host family and caring support (single placement can be guaranteed for an additional supplement)
  • Host family accommodation with meals*
  • Guardianship and supervision by Educatius officials during the program
  • F-1 Visa application documents (I-20) and support
  • Airport welcome and pick up**

Students must also purchase travel / health insurance, and be responsible for flights and spending money.

*Students are provided with breakfast and dinner. Students may bring lunches from home to eat at school, but are otherwise responsible for buying their own school lunches if they prefer to eat from the school cafeteria.

**All students are welcome at the airport by their host family or an Educatius Group representative on arrival.

A US High School Diploma in 1 Year

International students need to gain an advantage when applying to American Universities in a competitive College admission landscape. Educatius Group offers just the right USA High School option – the Diploma Year Program!

On Educatius Group's Diploma Year program, we match foreign students with USA high schools that will accept international students entering grade 12, match up the previous subjects and credits they have, advise on which US high school subjects are mandatory to take, and allow the student to earn a US high school diploma and graduate!

Of course, the international student must maintain their grades, attend classes, and perform to earn their diploma! Then, with the help of experienced college counselors at their high schools, students will present an outstanding university application.

Benefits of Educatius' Diploma Year Program:

  • In one year, international students can earn the credits and experience to get an American high school diploma and continue to a US university (or return to their home country with this formal accomplishment).
  • Available at many USA public and private high schools. Boarding schools may also offer this, but will want to review the student's application first.
  • Our high schools offering Diploma Year are in the best locations around the USA – Boston, San Francisco, LA, Florida, as well as many more.
  • Many of our schools offering the Diploma Year Program are top ranked silver and gold public schools by US News & World Report.
  • Public schools have a very low percentage of international students (less than 5%) so international students can get a truly American immersion experience.
  • Students can even join prom for that classic American high school graduation!
  • College counselors at our high schools are experienced. They will help international students every step of the way. They arrange campus tours and invite university admission officers to host information seminars. They help students understand their intended university as well as their own goals.
  • Our students, after taking the Diploma Year Program have been accepted to elite universities such as University of Southern California, Boston College, Purdue University, University of Chicago.
  • Live with one of Educatius Group's wonderful American host families and be supervised by our Local Coordinators.
  • Available on SELECT High Schools or the Academic Exchange Program.


  • You need to be entering the equivalent of grade 12 (usually students are 17 or 18)
  • Each high school has its own admission requirements that must be met. Many schools will accept an ELTiS English test score of 215, however each school has its own requirements. The better your English, the more successful you will be!
  • The school will instruct you which courses are required to take to earn a diploma.
  • Average 2.0 GPA

Educatius Group’s Academic Exchange Program is the perfect hybrid high school program! It's a lower fee than the SELECT program, with more control and choice than the Classic J-1, especially for international students who have academic goals like to earn a diploma or study for multiple years.

If you can be flexible and let us choose your destination, you can study in the USA at a Private or Public High School, for an affordable budget, starting around $17,000 USD per academic year including tuition, accommodation with a caring host family, meals, and ongoing supervision and support from our local staff. Foreign students will still enjoy all the academic benefits of the F-1 program, like attending a school where they can earn a US high school diploma, but Educatius chooses the American high school where the student will be enrolled. 

Students can attend for an Academic Year or a Semester in grades 9-12, and students entering grade 12 can even earn a US High School Diploma!

Why International Students love this Low Fee F-1 High School Program

  • Earn a US Diploma in grade 12 (and continue to a US university, if desired), or earn academic credit in younger grades.
  • Accepts students ages 14-18
  • More flexible than the J-1 Exchange in admission requirements, age requirements medical conditions, and deadlines.
  • Students can choose a sport, art, subject preference and we will place them at a high school with that preference.
  • Public or Private High School placements
  • Year and Semester enrollments, Fall or January start
  • Late applications accepted 
  • Guaranteed placement for ALL accepted applicants - every student accepted to our program will be placed in a host family no later than 2 weeks before the first day of high school.
  • Study for more than one year (at a Private Day School) with our 2nd Year Price Guarantee.

Living with a Caring American Host Family


Where you live in America is as important as where you study! Educatius Group takes care of each step of a students' well being so they can get the most out of their experience. Your host family provides so much more than a safe place to sleep! They are your new American family, welcoming you to their daily activities, social customs, and family life. Many of our students and host families stay in touch for many years after their hosting experience has ended.

  • We match you with a carefully screened American host family close to your school.
  • We provide orientation to all our families to prepare them to support you.
  • Host families will provide meals, caring support, and arrange for transportation to and from school and extra-curricular activities.
  • A Local Coordinator will be assigned to you - an Educatius staff member who lives in your neighborhood and will guide you through your arrival and will be available for any questions or concerns during your stay.
  • All international students and their parents receive a monthly contact report, organized by the Local Coordinator; who interviews the school, the host family, and the student on the student's progress.




  • Ages 14-18
  • Minimum English Test Score: ELTiS 205
  • GPA 2.0


Traditional Student Exchange in the USA

The USA Classic Program on a J-1 visa has been a popular exchange program for years. This is the perfect choice for international students who want a genuine exchange experience - improving their English, while experiencing American culture and attending a local high school.

Educatius Group collaborates with independent, not-for-profit organizations so you can have the opportunity to live and study in the United States.

You are matched with a carefully selected host family and then placed in a nearby high school. You might be placed in a bustling big city, charming coastal town, or on the countryside close to the nature - students cannot choose their exact high school.

All host families are volunteers representing the openness and diversity that defines America. Hosts range in ages, careers, religions and marital status.

Who Can Apply?

  • International students must be aged 15-18.5 when starting the program
  • Minimum C average
  • ELTiS score 215 or higher


  • Students can study for a semester or a year on a J-1 visa, no longer.
  • After completing a J-1 high school year, international students can continue studying in the USA on an F-1 high school program.
  • Since students can study for only 1 year maximum, the J-1 program is not recommended to students who wish to pursue a pathway to university or college in the USA.
  • Students cannot choose their high school and cannot request a high school that will allow them to earn a high school diploma.

J-1 High School Fees

Since families are volunteer and tuition is not paid to high schools, the J-1 high school program are among the lowest cost ways to study in the USA.

List of SELECT High Schools