• Boarding accommodation, Homestay Accommodation
  • $ $
  • Boarding, Private, Public

USA Academic Exchange

Program Facts

  • School Type
    Boarding, Private, Public
  • Grades Accepted
    9, 10, 11, 12
  • Accommodation Type
    Boarding accommodation,
    Homestay Accommodation
  • Program Length
    Fall Semester, Fall Year, Spring Semester, Spring Year

Program Description

Educatius Group’s Academic Exchange Program is perfect for international students looking for the assurances and academic emphasis of our F-1 SELECT High School program, but with a lower price.

If you can be flexible and let us choose your destination, you can study in the USA at a Private or Public High School, for a more affordable budget. Students will still enjoy all the academic benefits of the F-1 program, but Educatius chooses the high school where the student will be enrolled.

Students can attend for an Academic Year or a Semester in grades 9-12, and students entering grade 12 can even earn a US High School Diploma! Students truly get the most control for the best price!

Why International Students love this Low Cost Program:

  • Earn a US Diploma in grade 12 (and continue to a US university, if desired) or earn academic credit in younger grades
  • Accepts students ages 14-18
  • More flexible than the J-1 Exchange in admission requirements, medical conditions and deadlines
  • Public or Private High School placements
  • Year and Semester enrollments, Fall or January start
  • Late applications accepted
  • Guaranteed placement for ALL accepted applicants
  • Study for more than one year (at a Private Day School) with our 2nd Year Price Guarantee
  • Compare Academic F-1 Exchange vs Traditional J-1 Exchange

How Does the Program Work?

How it works:

Step 1: Tell us if you prefer to attend a Public or Private School
Step 2: Choose your 1st favorite from a list of options including language, sport, art, climate, subject choice or earn a diploma (if you are entering grade 12).
Step 3: We will place you in a school that has your favorite choice.

Educatius Academic Exchange and Classic Programs in the USA

Student Testimonials

I would like to share my experience being an international student in America with everyone. Thank you for having chosen me a good school, where I have made good friends and enjoyed American culture as well as great education.

Thu from Vietnam

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